We work with you to maximize the ROI and value of your technology platform.
By 2024, 65% of application development will be done with a low-code platform.
Are you ready for disruption?

The State of Application Development Trends in 2019:  Is IT Ready for Disruption?

New research from 3,300 IT leaders.


We strive to put our clients in the center of everything we do.  It all starts with constant listening so we can understand your business challenges and empathize with your pain points.  


We delight in anticipating your needs and orchestrating personalized and meaningful interactions that create real value.  Perfection is a partnership based on trust and respect.  


Unfortunately, the majority of IT projects exhibit high complexity, undefined business problems, and moving goalposts.


We follow a lean-agile approach where the customer experience is critical, that promotes frequent collaboration, experimentation, and adaptation with a laser focus on discovering and solving the root problem.


At Accelerated Focus, we understand that technology adoption can be daunting.  That’s why we put your business first and build an adoption strategy tailored to your organization.

Our strategy acknowledges that successful adoption requires buy-in from visionary early adopters and the early majority.  By developing and leveraging a Center of Excellence (CoE), we drive sustainability and self-sufficiency to maximize capability and ROI.


The backbone of digital transformation is a technology stack that offers the quickest possible iterations while providing real-time insight into your entire platform.


The OutSystems low-code development platform, a leader in both the Gartner and Forrester quadrants, is the key to maximizing value and we are pleased to be the first Western Canadian partner.

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