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Accelerated Focus for Credit Unions

At Accelerated Focus, we go beyond providing services—we’re partners in your credit union's journey, empowering you to thrive in an ever-evolving financial landscape.

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Transforming Digital Card Experiences

An innovative suite of applications for a next generation digital card experience. We worked with this credit union to streamline their card management processes, delivering a unified self-serve platform that sets a new standard for operational efficiency and member experience.

Reduced card processing costs



Credit risk assessment accuracy



Increased user satisfaction



Want to learn more about how we helped fundamentally transform card operations?

Navigating the digital frontier

In the rapidly changing credit union landscape, embracing technological change to enhance the member experience presents formidable challenge

We recognize the complex technological hurdles credit unions face daily. With advancement, challenges arise including increased demands in regulatory compliance, data security, performance, and integrations. Credit unions find themselves at a crossroads, where effective strategies are essential to navigate these technological shifts and meet the ever rising expectations of their members.

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“Working with Accelerated Focus taught us that IT is an investment, not a cost.”

- VP of Sales

What makes us unique?

Accelerated Focus is an OutSystems Premier Partner. We create industry leading applications with our product-led approach. But, we're not just an app factory - what really sets us apart is our expertise in driving companies towards growth and success with our consulting & transformation services.

We build lifetime partnerships with our clients, working not just for you, but with you, to ensure long-term success.


How we work with credit unions

We pride ourselves on being more than service delivery consultants. Our approach is rooted in understanding the unique challenges of the industry, and partnering to build tailored services that help you achieve your goals:


Streamline processes for operational efficiency


Enhance member experience and satisfaction


Navigate digital transformation with confidence


Build lasting strategic partnerships that contribute to your growth


Real customers, real success. Learn about the impact we’ve made in their own words.

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"Having worked in government for years, I’m not used to things moving so quickly! It’s amazing what was accomplished in such a short time, and I love how consistently the business areas were engaged."

Access & Privacy Manager

Municipal Government

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"Collaborative, proactive and future thinking, focused on client's success, easy to work with."

Senior Cards Product Owner

Major Canadian Credit Union

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“You have shown that this is not your first rodeo, that you have a well-defined structure to this journey, and it’s clear you all know what you’re doing.”

Head of IT

Large North American City

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"Working with Accelerated Focus taught us that IT is an investment, not a cost."

Vice President of Sales

Global Retail Company

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“Accelerated Focus has been the best vendor we have ever worked with.”

Enterprise Architect

Global Insurance Conglomerate

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"Accelerated Focus, a trailblazer in problem-solving, transforms collaboration into solutions. Working with them is not just amazing—it's a journey where innovation meets practicality. Their collaborative, iterative approach crafts solutions tailored for today, with a visionary gaze into tomorrow."

Director Card Growth & Products

Major Canadian Credit Union

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"In contrast to past software projects I’ve been involved in it felt like you were following our business processes, rather than us having to adjust. The end product is perfectly tailored to meet our needs."

Corporate Privacy Advisor

Municipal Government

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"What I love the most about working with Accelerated Focus is how our team interacts: we deal with challenges, have time to laugh, and genuinely enjoy working together!"

Vice President of Sales

Global Retail Company

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“It has been a truly great partnership and AF has changed my overall opinion of consultants.”

Product Owner

Global Retail Company

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"With a small, powerhouse team, AF surpassed expectations, urging us to reimagine and build beyond limits. Their ability to deliver more than anticipated is a testament to innovation thriving in focused collaboration."

Credit Union Team

Major Canadian Credit Union

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“The more I’ve worked with you guys, the more I am so glad I contracted with you. I can’t imagine how we would have done this without you.”

IT Director

State Government

Our Services

Discover our specialized services, crafted for credit unions to drive innovation and help you better serve your members

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Strategic Consulting Services

Fuelling growth and long-term transformation

We go well beyond delivering applications. Our custom consulting services ensure you maximize the full potential of the OutSystems platform. From crafting the right strategy, to proper enablement and setting up a Center of Excellence, we help you chart your credit union’s course for long-term success.

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Product Delivery Services

Accelerating time to market

In a fast-paced industry, time is of the essence. Our agile approach to software delivery is designed to expedite your credit union's journey from concept to market, ensuring fast and efficient deployment of solutions.

Design Services

Enhancing member experience

Transform member interactions with our design services. We specialize in creating intuitive, member-centric interfaces that elevate the overall experience, fostering lasting connections between credit unions and their members.

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Technical Services

Security, integrations, and beyond

Addressing the technical complexities of credit unions is our specialty. Our technical services include robust security solutions, seamless integrations, and comprehensive support, so that your credit union operates in a secure and interconnected digital landscape.


Empowering credit unions with high performance low-code innovation

At the heart of our solutions is the OutSystems platform - a transformative tool designed to accelerate digital innovation. For credit unions navigating intricate technical challenges, OutSystems stands out as a catalyst for efficiency and agility.


Rapid development

OutSystems empowers credit unions to swiftly develop and deploy applications, reducing time-to-market for new solutions


Flexibility and scalability

Tailor-made for the evolving needs of credit unions, OutSystems provides flexibility to adapt to changing requirements and scale with ease


Full customization

OutSystems offers full control for customized interfaces, so applications are precisely crafted to meet staff and member’s unique needs


Security by design

Prioritize data security and compliance with OutSystems' built-in security features, ensuring robust protection for member information

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Ready to get started?

Let us help transform your business on the industry leading modern application platform

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