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Transforming your business

Accelerated Focus is a top certified OutSystems delivery partner. We’re focused on delivering innovative digital solutions, redefining value delivery, and maximizing platform investment for our clients on the industry leading modern application platform.

Our Mission

Accelerate organizations to unleash the potential of their low-code platform.

What We Believe In

We believe strongly in our core values. They define what’s most important to us and underpin everything we do.
1. Passion underlies all our work
We love what we do, and we love why we do it. Our passion drives our positive attitude and motivation to make a difference every day with our colleagues and customers.
2. Continuous improvement is driven by curiosity and persistence
We are personally and collectively accountable for improving ourselves, our company, and our customers. Our curiosity, persistence, and commitment to lifelong learning ensures we never stop growing and innovating.
3. Humility enables true connection
We are grateful, humble, and empathetic. Egos are always left at the door. As a team we serve our customers and never overlook the next opportunity.
4. Integrity is upheld at all cost
We operate with integrity by demonstrating open, honest and transparent behavior. Support for those who demonstrate integrity, no matter the circumstances, is imperative. Integrity is critical to maintaining strong relationships.
5. Asking why reveals true objectives
We "ask why" to assess our clients’ true objectives and together we create innovative solutions for their challenges.
6. Fun pervades when you love what you do
Not taking ourselves too seriously brings a sense of joy, passion, and lightheartedness to everything we do. We love coming to work, and having fun strengthens our workplace culture.
7. Teamwork enables long-term success
Leveraging our deep and diverse backgrounds brings a whole company and whole team approach to supporting our customers and solving complex problems. We see ourselves as an extension of those we work with. One team, one goal – long-term success for the customer.
8. Thinking BIG converts passion into results
We understand that tomorrow will be different than today, and we challenge ourselves to not only keep up with change but to lead it. We don’t question if we can achieve our goals, we question how.