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About Accelerated Focus

Accelerated Focus is 1 of 3 global OutSystems Premier Partners and the preferred OutSystems partner for Platform Success, Adoption & Transformation Services.

We partner with organizations looking to grow and transform. We don’t just build apps, we build businesses.

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Travis Cavanagh, CEO


Focus on solving business challenges with low-code, delighting employees, and fostering partnerships with organizations looking to grow and transform, because we don’t just build apps – we build businesses.

80+ years experience in low-code adoption, advisory, and delivery


20+ years experience bringing products from design to market


2019 OutSystems Customer
Adoption of the Year Americas

First Quality App Badge in
the Americas

2020 Leader in Digital



5 star average customer rating for OutSystems delivery services on our partner profile

What our clients say

"What I love the most about working with Accelerated Focus is how our team interacts: we deal with challenges, have time to laugh, and genuinely enjoy working together!”

- Vice President of Sales

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How can we help

We offer a broad range of strategic, technical, and creative services. Our team of experts, OutSystems MVPs, and network of partners ensure we’ll deliver on your unique needs.


Putting the right things in place from the very start

Strategy Workshops

Centre of Excellence Setup

Adoption Programs

Create apps better (and faster!) with our customer-centric agile approach to development

First Value

Web & Mobile Development

Enterprise Integrations

Design long lasting products that bring joy to the people who use them

Product Discovery

Visioning Workshops

UX/ UI Design

Build skills and empower teams by leaning on our expertise

Architecture Assessments

UX/UI Assessments

Adoption Assessments

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The low-code hump

Are you already using low-code, but find yourself stuck, or looking for ways to improve? Even with all it’s amazing benefits, here’s why unplanned growth inevitably leads to challenges down the road.


Started Small and Fast

Many low-code customers started small by building a single application and naturally started growing their capability after seeing the powerful benefits and transformative results.

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Image by Brooke Cagle


Lack of Focus on People & Process

The challenge many of these customers face, is that managing multiple teams and multiple applications is very different than managing just one, and requires a focus on people and process, not just the technology.


Non-Optimized Ways of Working

Most haven't taken the time to step back and do the proper planning necessary to optimize their Ways of Working (WoW) around the platform.

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Does this sound familiar?

If so, we can help!



Sign up for our FREE adoption assessment

We’ll help you understand what’s holding you back, and recommend options to get you where you want to be!


Sign up for our FREE low-code assessment

We’ll help you determine if low-code is a fit for you.


Helping transform businesses 

Read more about some of our proud accomplishments.

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Seafarer Analytics

An analytics platform that consolidates a wide range of information and establishes a framework for data driven performance evaluation.

Come join 

Our passionate team is highly collaborative, deeply driven, and filled with a diverse range of backgrounds and skillsets. We create a space for our staff to grow, challenge themselves, and showcase their talents - all in a fun, flexible and family friendly environment.

Interested in joining us? Learn more about our opportunities or get in touch!


Latest blog posts

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Ready to get started?

Let us help transform your business on the industry leading modern application platform

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