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A powerful analytics tool for managing seafarer performance

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Seafarer Analytics

Driving performance. Mitigating risk. Informing career management. This analytics platform consolidates a wide range of information and establishes a framework for data driven performance evaluation.




Marine Shipping



UX/UI Design

OutSystems Development


Our client, a major international marine shipping company, wanted to better understand employee performance and its overall impact on fleet operations. They held a substantial amount of valuable data in different locations and formats but didn’t know how to bring it together to provide meaningful insights.

The goal was two-fold: consolidate the data under one roof through integrations and APIs, then develop a framework to evaluate performance based on standardized KPIs. The solution had to provide a holistic view of performance for the individual, the vessel, and the organization as a whole.


Given the scope and complexity of the project, a discovery phase was critical. We needed to understand the underlying business problems this platform would support. How could we build an application that would have a meaningful impact on operational performance?

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Designing the application concept, including site architecture, high fidelity screen designs, and a custom branded theme.


Interviewing over a dozen subject matter experts at all levels of the organization to understand what their real needs were.


Analyzing what we heard to draw out central themes, identify business requirements, and define the user stories.


Ideating application features to support the requirements, and engaging the business areas to vote and provide feedback.

Discovery Outputs


User Research Findings


UX/UI Designs


Application Architecture


Development Backlog

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Performance Ranking

The performance grid is the heart of the application. Absolute scores, traffic light thresholds, and year-over-year trends can be viewed across seafarers for individual KPIs and categorical rollups. Data can be sorted, filtered, and grouped to analyze different business operation areas.

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Seafarer Profile

Five categories and seventeen individual KPIs were identified for evaluating performance scores. The profile view offers a comprehensive overview of individual seafarer data. Users can drill into the categories, KPIs, and underlying events to understand how scores are determined.

Progress Tracking

Key performance management operations can be tracked and analyzed. Data is available for training & certifications, recent promotions, and voyage appraisals to support the achievement of essential career milestones.

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Data Aggregation

Individual performance is aggregated up to vessel, fleet, and overall scores to track progress at every level. The dashboard offers a snapshot of overall fleet performance and individual score outliers to provide a high-level current state overview.

Trends & Insights

Scores are visualized across critical categories to provide insight into how performance changes over time. This self-serve data reporting offers seven different trending views and allows us to slice and filter by KPIs, categories, and individual vessels.

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Integrations & APIs

Data was pulled in through enterprise integrations and APIs to provide a central, standardized source of truth.

Data Management

To fine-tune calculations yearly, application super users can manage KPIs, weighting, and traffic light thresholds directly in the application.

Reusable Components

A branded theme and custom UI components were created with reuse in mind for future application development.

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The Result

Seafarer Analytics is a comprehensive tool for the company to manage performance at all levels: individual, vessel, fleet, and overall organization. It helps them answer critical business questions like:

“Who are the high and low performers?”
“Who needs more training?”
“Who should be promoted?”

Ultimately this information supports the organization in managing risk, nurturing personal development, and improving overall organizational operations.

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Image by Ivan Bandura

Delivery Timeline

This project was delivered by a small but highly performant team from Accelerated Focus. The use of agile and the OutSystems low-code platform meant big savings for our client.

traditional development estimate

24  weeks

our delivery timeline

10  weeks

savings for our client


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